Leading event company

OYE! Events is one of the leading event company in sports, fashion and media operating in more than 11 countries around the world. OYE! businesses include Events & Media, Golf, Horse Riding tournaments, Fashion, Models, Clients, Consulting, Licensing, and creative management agency Art + Commerce.


Something extraordinary happens when you fuse strategic clarity with creative excellence. An irresistible, spontaneous ignition sets in motion emotions and thoughts in the hearts and minds of people.

This experience is so persuasive and enthralling that it can only be described as OYE! Welcome to OYE! Group, the Event & Creative Agency with brand strategy in mind and brand engagement at heart. Where the life force of its people is to create Oye Moments through achieving the most unexpected connections possible.


When a brand has the power to release the most vibrant energy so that audiences feel it, embrace it, live it; that’s when the brand has truly connected. A certain chemistry is set in motion, relationships are built and enhanced, people are impacted and converted.

The OYE! Factor is just this – the creation of an experience that is so engaging and relevant that it creates brand loyalists. These are people who are really and truly inspired by the brand and the emotions they have around it, that they are motivated to spread the word and become loyalists.

OYE! is dedicated to achieving this. With each and every event, we set out to reach beyond the brand experience… to create solid, enduring brand engagements. You could say it’s a passion.


We say it’s a way of life. Oye! Events is a brand event agency that delivers creatively-driven events that are rooted in strategic Brand Clarity. We see to it that people and ideas fuse together in the most innovative and productive environments through Wow! factors. Essentially, a Oye! is that vital spark that will enable new horizons of thought, invoke new perspectives, and influence decisions around a brand. Your brand. We create events that will connect with employees as much as with customers and consumers. Events that capture peoples’ imagination through outside-the-box ideas and executions. That are based on real business needs and challenges and seek to inspire and engage real individuals.

This is where Oye! Has the capacity to rise above the rest. We have the methods and the processes to ensure an efficient and structured development of brand events – from brand strategy and content development right through to conceptualization, design, video, production, project management and measurement.


We are a part of Oye! Group the prime strategic branding agency. We are also some of the most experienced event creators in the business who delight in pooling our resources to amaze our clients.
These include creative geniuses, motion media experts, scenographers, designers, digital and social media geeks, conceptualists, project managers, technicians, producers and production managers.
Teams of enthusiastic people who can’t wait to work with you.

Our unique mix of talent, personality, passion and skills makes for unexpected connections to happen. Again and again. In new and meaningful ways regardless of scope, location, weather, temperature and scale.


  • We are transformational, accountable, courageous, connectors.
  • We have unshakable spirit and unbeatable attitude from day one.
  • Head-quartered in New Delhi, Mumbai, Canada.