The Four C’s of Social Media

The Four C’s of Social Media

The Four C’s of Social Media

Finding Intelligence in the Social Explosion

Social media is becoming the executive equivalent to catching lightning in a bottle. It has quickly gone from the ultimate focus group and brand popularity contest to a very serious digital marketing platform. As it does, it has bubbled up from a quirky, unpredictable experiment to a measurable customer lab. As this phenomenon moves to an even more intense level, it needs the attention of savvy and digitally sophisticated C-level executives. When it gets that attention, executives will need to have confidence in their social media campaign plan, metrics around customer engagement, and connections to automated technology to consistently analyze and measure their efforts.

Traditional measurement methodology makes the social media data explosion useless, However new technology is helping smart companies understand what’s happening on social media. This new discipline is called social intelligence.

According to Forrester Research, it is “the concept of turning social media data into actionable marketing and business strategy.” On a more tactical level, social intelligence is providing a process and strategy for companies to evaluate and generate actionable insight about their own brands and services, as well as their competitors.

OYE Group has been helping its clients recognize the potential of social media and how they can harness big data intelligence to manage, analyse and measure conversations and consumer behaviour.

We focus on four areas:

  • Confidence
  • Customers
  • Connections
  • Revenue. Capital

The 4’cs concept of Social Media provides insight into opportunities to execute on social media and consumer behaviour by converting social intelligence into revenue.

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