Choosing a boutique agency

Choosing a boutique agency

Choosing a boutique agency – what is it, anyhow?
So many people ask us this so it’s probably a good time and place to answer this oft- asked question: What in the world is a boutique agency?
Simply put, a boutique agency (like OYE) is a smaller creative agency. That means we’re not the Saatchi and Saatchi’s of the world who handle large worldwide brands like Lexus (although that would sure be fun!). As a boutique agency, we focus primarily on the creative aspects of developing marketing and advertising materials with a limited client list that offers highly personalised service.
Now, what the heck does THAT mean, you might find yourself asking?
We focus on developing campaigns in a broader scope, not studying demographics or doing hardcore statistical and market analysis. Our staff is smaller and we produce big agency quality work with a lower overhead because of our size. In fact, larger agencies often refer clients to smaller, creation-focused agencies like us when it comes to developing the look of advertising and marketing materials.
A boutique agency tends to keep its client list short, and we can be highly selective about the types of jobs we accept. Staff members are highly qualified and respected artists and creators. Boutique agencies can develop print, online and video materials along with copywriting for a variety of marketing and advertising needs. The end result is highly individualised and personalised. Companies that want to run ad campaigns that stand out creatively may opt to work with a boutique agency, or companies that need marketing and sales materials that are highly creative in nature would also opt to work with a boutique agency like OYE!
So essentially, boutique agencies are a highly qualified creative alternative to hiring a global-sized advertising agency that won’t break a budget. Great results, smaller team, lower prices.

1) You have direct access to the CEO/owner
2)Staff and team know how to react quickly and get something done, even if they’ve never done it before.
3) This may sound trite, but there is a personal touch because you’re working with the owner and a select, very carefully chosen team.
4) The team that pitches a piece of new business is the team that works on that business when it becomes a client.
5) The team is always very flexible and nimble.
6) A small budget to a global firm is usually a gigantic budget to a boutique firm.

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